Lead Free “Made In The USA” Hoses, Approved by Lead Safe Mama (Discount Code!)

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I have tested three examples of the Water Right  hoses (the models with the stainless components) and confirmed that all components of these hoses are 100% lead-free.*

I love this product so much I am personally using one in my home/ for my garden and I asked the company if they would offer a discount to my friends/fans/followers and they said “Yes!”

Click on the image below to go directly to their site to order your new lead-free hose and accessories using the “LeadSafeMama” code when you check out!

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(the Oregon-based lead-free hose company!)

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Please note: I have not yet tested their brass hose end components, but will update this post as soon as I have.

Thank you for reading!

Tamara Rubin

*When tested with an XRF instrument/ within the testing limitations of an XRF instrument. XRF instruments test down to single digit parts per million (ppm) when testing for lead.

Lead Free "Made In The USA" Hoses, Approved by Lead Safe Mama (Discount Code!)

One Response to Lead Free “Made In The USA” Hoses, Approved by Lead Safe Mama (Discount Code!)

  1. Kelly July 18, 2018 at 9:40 am #

    I bought a water right hose and nozzle last spring. We’ve used it for the past year to water our garden, clean our stroller, outside toys and life jackets. I was a little skeptical about the nozzle as it appeared to have a brass head, but I assumed a purchased from a safe company. Well, I contacted the company about my concern and they said they no longer carry that nozzle and are looking for a safe one. Ugh. Thought I purchased a safe product. How concerning is having a brass nozzle? Have you found any lead free nozzles.
    We do love the hose.

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