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Glass Reusable Drinking Straws

#AskTamara: What reusable straws do you use? Someone recently asked me about straws. All of the reusable straws I have tested so far have been lead-free, both the plain glass and plain stainless steel ones. I really like the glass ones because you can see inside and know if they are clean or not (vs. […]

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Ask Tamara: What personal care products do you use?

Mascara? Eyeliner? Lipstick? Lotion? Toothpaste? Shampoo? Conditioner? Deodorant? Perfume? Soap? So many of my followers have asked me what products I use for personal care products (“…given so many popular brands include toxic ingredients, have questionable quality control and/or ethics… what do YOU use?” – they ask!) My immediate answer is “nothing… on most days I don’t even […]

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Ask Tamara: What are the symptoms of childhood lead poisoning?

I get this question all the time… so here’s a re-share of an older post I wrote (originally shared in April 2014) with the answers.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for reading! ASK TAMARA QUESTION: What are the symptoms of lead poisoning? ANSWER: The most important answer is […]

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