#XRFTesting: Oxo Black Silicone Spatula

Oxo Black Silicone Spatula: Lead Free, Cadmium: 24 +/- 10 ppm. Click here for more #SaferChoices for your family! #XRFTesting I have found a lot of newly produced silicone kitchen items to test positive for trace levels of cadmium in the silicone components.  “Trace” means that it is a VERY SMALL amount, that is not […]

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#XRFTesting: Stainless Flatware

Stainless Flatware from “Wallace”: Lead Free Modern one-piece / single metal (seamless) flatware marked “stainless steel” and manufactured in recent years (regardless of country of origin) should all be lead free.  As always, please feel free to ask questions. Here are some good choices to look at: Oneida IKEA Henckles Lenox Stainless Steel is primarily composed of chromium, […]

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#LeadFreeToys: Truck Transformer

Red & Blue Plastic Toy Transformer Truck:  Lead Free! [Brand unknown] Modern hard plastic toys designed and sold as intended for children (manufactured today/recently) should all be lead free.  As always, please feel free to ask questions. Click this link for some good #LeadSafe / #LeadFree toy truck choices for younger children! Click here for more #SaferChoices […]

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#XRFTesting: Lead Free Williams Sonoma Veggie Peeler

Veggie Peeler (larger photo below) from Williams Sonoma; 95% Copper! Most of the veggie peelers I have tested have been lead-free with the following exceptions (which have often tested positive for lead (and/or cadmium) in my experience): Vintage plastic handles Vintage rubberized handles Vintage metal that is grey and dull (not stainless) Vintage painted metal […]

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