Ask Tamara: What do you use to test for lead?

Ask Tamara Question:  Tamara, what testing methods do you use to test consumer goods for lead? Answer: I use two important tools to test consumer goods for lead; LeadCheck swabs and a Niton XRF instrument. LeadCheck Swabs 3M LeadCheck swabs are a consumer level test that will (on many types of materials, but not all) […]

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Baking Lead-Free This Holiday Season!

Close friends of mine know I have always been very passionate about baking.  One of my very first business endeavors after graduating college was baking my famous biscotti (Auntie Tammy’s Biscotti) and selling it at local cafes in Marin County. Fast forward 27 years and now many of my followers want to know what I […]

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Portland Green Festival 2016, Dec. 11

Please share!! Thank you. – I’m speaking this Sunday (December 11th) in the afternoon at 3:30 at the Portland Green Festival. (Admission to the Festival is FREE at the Oregon Convention Center, Saturday: 10am – 6pm; Sunday: 10am – 5pm!) – Join me for an open dialogue [in a “neutral space” (not hosted or influenced […]

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Published 12/3/2016, 7:15 a.m. This blog-post is in response to a piece by a contributing writer to Snopes. In this piece the author questions the FACT that there is an unsafe level of lead in vintage Pyrex items – and asserts that potential harm that could be caused by these leaded items is “unproven” (implying […]

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Fire Note: 1996 from M-C & Lars

  In 2002 our home burned in a fire. It was a total loss and very little “survived”… using the word “survived” loosely. This was the first time that our family lost everything.  We had no idea there would be other times over the coming 14 years. For the past 14+ years I have saved […]

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