#SaferChoices: Lead-Free Tea Kettles

In response to these posts (tea kettles that have tested positive for things like lead and cadmium) I wanted to share the following! Tea Kettles:  A kettle is something you probably use every day for boiling water.  We do in our house.  As a result it totally makes sense to invest in one that is […]

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This Week’s Contest on Facebook! #Kleynimals

As we have discussed a lot on my Facebook page, house keys often have very high levels of lead.  Unfortunately children are inexplicably drawn to playing with your keys! While letting babies play with metal things that they might put in to their mouth is not generally a good policy… Kleynimals is a new company […]

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#LeadedKitchen: Le Creuset Ceramic Mixing Bowl

Le Creuset ceramic mixing bowl: 40,700 ppm lead on the outside – 117 ppm lead on the inside. Newer model. Exact year of manufacture unknown. Tested with an XRF —- #XRFTesting #LeadedDishes • #LeadSafeDishes For LEAD FREE mixing bowl choices, click HERE. For more safer choices in kitchenware options, click here. Note:  I am not […]

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